Thursday, April 14, 2011

BlackSocks, the Netflix of Dress Socks

Yes, a Sockscription. This concept joins the millions of other businesses that are replacing storefronts. While I value the businesses that we can walk in and touch, feel, and try on the product, this subject cannot be breached. We are seeing the Blockbuster's coming back to the market, as Netflix and Red Box have figured out the convenience for DVD home delivery. And, I believe there are some items that are better served in this 'fashion'. I like receiving our DVDs in the mail. We enjoy going online and 'seeing' what others in our very community are watching to order it as well. BlackSocks is an online-based 'sockscription' service that gives professional men an easy way to fulfill their sock needs on a specific schedule. Men choose what style and color of socks they need and how often they need to receive them. 3 pairs, every 3 months? Sure! In a time of low shopping drive, this concept responds to the headaches men carry for this end of their wardrobe.

Their website: