Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stepping it Up

It has been four solid weeks since the OC Marathon. I can finally attest to the case for 'rest', something hard for any active person to grasp. I feel like I cheated because I (was) injured, so not running wasn't so hard. I did go for a run here and there, and at a peak ran three solid days in a row in a 8, 5, 3 daily mile sequence. What I did do to stay active despite the injury was new activities such as spinning and hiking.
Typically, injury or no injury, it's standard to take a break after a marathon. Especially given the training schedule that went into the 26.2. When I first started running marathons, I just needed that 'mental' break after a marathon. Now, I finish one and keep running to the next. This, I realize has been a blessing.

So, it's summertime. And lately, I have been interfaced with more and more people, who don't normally run,  heading out for a run. They say, 'I ran for 31 minutes yesterday! I'm sore, but it was great!' Or, 'I've been going for jogs around my neighborhood, and I have decided to sign up for a half marathon next year!' I love hearing this. But I also know how hard those early miles are. I hope they can hang on to that high and stay consistent long enough to see the improvement. Because you gotta build. Many people head out for a run...get up to 1 mile..... and absolutely don't enjoy it and quit. Heck, I'll go out for a run and totally and completly crawl through that first mile....but your body is just getting warmed up!!! For any of you out there who fall in this category, (you know who you are) I challenge you to the following running week, as I challenge myself to build back to a 50 mile (and eventually, a 100 mile) running week.
For week beginning Sunday June 12:
Go for this beginning runners:

Monday: 2
Wednesday: 2
Thursday: 0
Friday: 2
Saturday: 3
(#'s in miles)

For those intermediate runners who want to join me:
Sunday: 5
Monday: 5
Tuesday: 6
Wednesday: 4
Thursday: 5
Friday: 5
Saturday: 10
(#'s in miles)

It's summertime! That means it's lighter longer, and vacations are planned! Make the most out of your week and get outside!!