Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marketing Yourself

I am going to the ICSC national conference this weekend in Las Vegas.  The conference involves all things retail and developmental real estate with leasing consultants, shopping center owners, small business owners and land developers. I am looking into the whole 'business' of handing out your business card. Namely, how to distinguish your card and yourself in these highly-populated situations. (Several Thousands attend the Conference). Aside from alluding to a prospective deal or business opportunity, what can I do to keep my card from the hundreds of others that will get dumped into their pockets, dumped in their conference binder or settled at the bottom of their briefcase? What can I do in that last minute of wrapping up a small conversation, to keep my service in mind. How can I stand out? For all your small business owners out there, or independent contractors like myself, here are a few great examples of people taking business cards for what they are, and marketing their business!