Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More than a Painted Nail

Service-Oriented businesses are among the few concepts 'safe' from our Internet-Driven marketplace. You can't get your nails painted or your hair cut over the internet. Yet, even these concepts are still improving.
Introducing   - 'The Painted Nail'. Many are uncomfortable in a traditional nail salon environment. Much like sitting in a hotel jacuzzi with the wrong crowd, getting your nails 'done' can be not only intimidating but borderline obnoxious at a time you are wishing to relax. In addition to the top nail technicians, The Painted Nail offers free wi-fi (I'm assuming for use prior to your manicure) in their chic, realizing lounge, so even your wait is tolerable. They also feature an extensive selection for nail polish and nail accessories. A one-stop-shop; everyone'e kinda shop.

They built their concept considering your health and safety, from the ground up. They have SINGLE USE  buffers, files and toe scrubbers, so you are assured cleanliness in these intimate areas. Their tools are sterilized in an autoclave - only usually seen in hospitals. They don't use whirlpool foot spas, as they know these are a breeding ground for bacteria in typical nail salons.  They also have a free mini-bar serving coffee tea, seasonal cocktails and wine and VIP manicure cabanas - a private studio with a flat screen TV to get you your nails done, let's say, after work while catching up on Grey's Anatomy. Talk about relaxation.

Check out their website, or to find an LA location near you!