Sunday, July 15, 2012

Video Animation - Our "Current" Age of Education

RSA Animate - Click Here to Watch!

How do we educate our children so they have a sense of cultural identity?
I watched a great video animation (awesome tool for a marketing, professional, educational audience - very engaging) that spoke on our current educational system. 
It claims the current system of education was designed for a different age: for the intellectual culture of the enlightenement and the industrial revolution. It views public education as a system set up with two distinct pillars: economic and intellectual and that this model has developed chaos. 

Another interesting component to the video is the connection of the ADHD plague to the traditional format of classroom school settings and the larger divide from the outside simulations the child is accustomed to receiving.  Students are getting medicated because they are increasingly 'hyperactive' in the classroom, when really they are just bored. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 
My thoughts: we have to think differently about human capacity. Collaboration is the stuff of growth.