Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back Bay Loop

The best 10.2 miler in Southern California

Any given day pre or post work I'll slip on my running shoes and click my feet into the trail, knowing no matter how tired or sore I feel, I'll complete the full 10.2 and end in utter satisfaction.
Notes to self:

A) Don't take a bite out of your bar and pack it in a bush for your second loop around. The ants will get to it before you do....and you may not realize THAT until you have already gone for a bite. Whoops.

B) Some day you will understand how those bicycle packs stay together. Never will you sense them coming before they let you know. All the same, I enjoy the company out there, albeit 5 am or 7 pm.

C) In the spring watch our for snails and on any Saturday watch out for horses

D) I love this loop

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