Wednesday, April 13, 2011

T-Shirt Deli

This T-Shirt Deli is a Short Order WIZARD! An entire T-Shirt store dedicated to the theme, service and selection of a New York Deli. The store is filled with gleaming white deli cases, rolls of waxed butcher paper and open-air wicker baskets that display the freshest selection of solid T-Shirts. Like a deli you can fully customize your new T-Shirt, and it's 'made to order' while you wait.  First, you pick out (or bring in) a logo, photo and/or lettering. (Think: on your way to a birthday party, or a ball game to wear a phrase of support). They even write up your order on deli tabs!

Your finished shirt is wrapped in butcher paper, placed in a paper bag along with a bag of potato chips! This infusion of a fun theme makes this Chicago shop more than just a T-Shirt store. Plus, they do in-store parties and offer catering :) We hope to bring their concept to Orange County!

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