Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Granola Babies

I met a wonderful woman, Giselle who started Granola Babies back in 2005. I visited her in her current store in Costa Mesa. Her shop was filled with expecting mamas and new mamas and infants. She was showing one mother all the different cloth diaper choices based on different organic ingredients. Her lease is coming up and I get the wonderful opportunity to relocate (and reposition!) her store to better serve our community while maintaining her current customer base. The latter was very important to her; a sign of a loyal business owner, and caring woman in general. With her store, come the knowledge and tools to keep you and your baby completely natural.  Her store carries everything from cloth diapers to organic chewable for the teething stage. Part of her store is dedicated to retail, and the other part for classes for expecting mammas or mamma and infants teaching lessons from labor to sign language.


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